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  1. The Borough's policy is:
    - to put 30% of new housing to those on the Housing List
    - to promote a healthy balance in housing types and choice
    If Westminster was building housing for those on the waiting list in Belgravia and Mayfair, I would be happy to accept houses for millionaires in Queens Park!

  2. Neither WCC nor Willmott Dixon will tell us what profit is involved, despite this land belonging to us! So, a couple of us worked out cost/profit, based on current property prices and what we know of building costs and can show all workings out if anyone interested.

    Conservatively the OVERALL PROFIT of Moberly/Jubilee redevelopment for WILLMOTT DIXON (not including x12 'Affordable Homes' at Jubilee)
    = £52.55 million This is after all building costs.

  3. The Jubilee pool is often busy. If Westminster Council is saying there will be 60% more use of a new sports centre at the Moberly, and the new pool is going to be the same size as the current pool at the Jubilee - doesn't that mean it will be nightmarishly full? What's the point of a swanky new pool if it's so busy you can't move?