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  1. It would be great to see both sports centres upgraded - the area certainly needs plenty of places to get together / get fit / provide a bit of quality of life.
    Westminster should be willing to invest in this corner of the Borough, they should be ashamed of boasting about a 'no cost' project that actually leaves us worse off.
    The main issue is to provide facilities that are appropriate to the residents first, secondly to attract custom from elsewhere...
    The second issue is to ensure good management/maintenance thereafter, which may mean NOT GLL even though their contract is up to 2016!
    In the doing, there is space for much needed social housing, which evidently there is plenty of money for in Westminster coffers.

    What do we need / what do you want? All suggestions welcome!

  2. Apart from much needed homes,it wold begood to see some useful training opportunities - say a community cafe/restaurant which offered training in catering & cooking, and/or small workshops where people could learn new skills and work up to employment. A team comprising retired people sharing their skills on a voluntary basis with young people who need training, for instance offering to do repairs around the estate, gardening, or renovating electrical goods and furniture or even clothes...
    Plenty of good stuff, just need space and goodwill.