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Jubilee Sports Centre sits in a conservation area and is made up of a tight knit community of  people from many backgrounds.

The Queens Park Estate was originally developed on an area of pasture land between 1874 and 1882 by the 'Artisans Labourers and General Dwellings Company'. The artisans company was founded in 1876 by William Austin to provide decent housing for the working classes based on his own temperance principles.
It is an important early example of social housing and was unusual for its time in providing cottage style housing with gardens as working class homes.
The area has a distinctive character. The yellow brick, two storey cottages were set in wide tree lined streets and embellished with a variety of architectural details such as porches, turrets, gables and arches.
The conservation area was designated in 1978 and extended in 1991.
Around 12,500 people live here today in 5,100 properties. Around 23% are owner occupied (including mortgages and shared ownership), 34% are Council tenants, 22% Housing Association tenants and 20% privately rented.

In May 2014, it will become the first new urban Community Council following new law enacted in 2007.
It is one of the poorest wards in one of the richest boroughs in the country. By National standards, child poverty rates are in the top 10%. Overcrowding. ill health and disability are high, as is unemployment. Fear of crime seems to be higher than the actual crime rate, which is lower than the average in the Borough.

The Jubilee Sports Centre is in the middle of the Estate, and backs on to the Mozart estate, home to many of the Ward's most overcrowded families. Westminster City Council tell us it is underused and out of date, but the users report that it is busy and important to them. 

The building has been neglected and could benefit from good maintenance and upgrading, as could the Moberly, which is in fact in Brent, outside the Borough Boundary, although it is owned by Westminster.

There is much support for the view that the community needs this amenity to stay within the centre of the area.

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