Management Plan Summary


To be an effective and valuable community asset providing and promoting health, fitness and wellbeing for the community of North Westminster


·    To provide affordable sport, leisure and health facilities for the community of North Westminster.
·   To work closely with the NHS, creating a healthy community by providing sports and fitness sessions accessible to people of all ages and abilities.
·  To provide after school and weekend children’s sports and fitness sessions to help tackle the growing childhood obesity crisis.
·    To provide affordable daytime childcare during school holidays by running holiday play schemes.
·    To provide affordable sport and leisure facilities for those most in need of this service in this community with up to 50% off for those who would not otherwise be able to afford access to health and well being facilities.
·     To provide affordable education for children and young people on nutrition and fitness.
·     To provide a space which the local community can use for events and gatherings.
·     To ease the burden on the NHS by creating a healthier, fitter community, both mentally and physically.
·     To be a self-funded organisation.


The centre needs to be run as a non-profit organisation, funded through a combination of corporate sponsorship, grants, membership and the marketing of various spaces for hire.  60% of the cost of running the centre will come from revenue generated by the centre.

The centre will be run by a management committee appointed by and answerable to the QPCC and will be independent from any management contracts entered into by WCC’s Sport and Leisure department.  

A strong and experienced GM with local knowledge and extensive experience in rejuvenating and running community orientated centers will be appointed. 
The centre has been mismanaged for decades and the financial problems associated with it are largely as a result of this failure and therefore are not an intrinsic, unresolvable issue with the centre or area.

The Jubilee will need to be refurbished and remodeled to provide a newer, vibrant, fully equipped community centre where both young and old local people will safe and secure while exercising or receiving various treatments or education on health and wellbeing.

There will be a full review of the staffing structure and apprenticeships and NVQ accredited training will be offered to local young and unemployed people in partnership with outside agencies.  Courses for Personal Trainers and gym instructors will also be run.

The centre will provide better facilities and access for children and adults with special needs, with more inclusive classes and the addition of soft play and sensory areas.

Classes such as trampolining, gymnastics, dance, aerobics and martial arts especially designed to combat childhood obesity and build self-esteem and confidence, will be offered alongside the classes in nutrition.

An effective and experienced marketing person within the Jubilee staffing structure will concentrate exclusively on promoting various spaces for hire and offers to existing members in order to increase revenue.

A space will be allocated for a small café which will either be run in house or leased out in order to bring more people in and generate revenue.

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